Film & Video Production Services - Royal Indian Production

Once we receive your details we can suggest locations and guide you as per script needs! We can act as production fixer / line producer all over india namely in newdelhi, Mumbai, Chennai & kerala, Our location scout can guide you the locations needed or can do the recce on your behalf and email you the location pictures for your idea!

  • Budget / Estimates

    Budget / Estimates

    Once we receive your script or story boards and other production details we can make budgets and email you estimates !

  • Filming Permits

    Filming Permits

    We have to apply for filming permission well in advance for shooting in India! Our rapport and past experienced enable us to get all kind of location permits!

  • accommodation

    accommodation & Logistic

    Accommodations can be arranged by your choice of hotels as well as transportation! apart from above mention cities we can provide full production support in varanasi, cochin, trivandrum, hyderabad, bangalore, goa, jaipur, udaipur, jaisalmer, gwalior, lucknow, amritsar, khajuraho, pondicherry, jodhpur, mysore, anantapur!

  • Post production

    Post production

    Bollywood has best available post production studios, editing, sound mixing, telecine or animation for both format film and video.